7-day Energetic Reset

Reset your energy in minutes with tools you will learn to relieve stress, ground anxiousness, and recalibrate as needed.

Join us in community via Zoom Jan 2023 to connect, reflect and share our experiences together.

Your HōlSōl 7-day energetic reset includes

Circle with five elements as icons in purple with HolSol logo at bottom.

7 days of guided practices conventiently delivered via email


Overview of the Five Elements rooted in Samkhya Philosophy


Guidance on the daily rituals with practical steps to follow each day


Daily emails to introduce concepts & practices for the Five Elements


Short (5-min) audio recordings of Pranayama (conscious breathing) practices


E-book to support learning and to serve as a reference.

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“Dawn Browning, yoga therapist and scientist, has designed an easy and deeply effective practice for slowing our perception of time so that we may assess our elemental energy states and address them.

She delivers the seven day Energy Reset workshop using many tools – and all of the components are effective, individually and as a whole – that arise from personal experience and knowledge.

I have given myself the gift of Dawn’s Energy Reset twice, and each time was rich and rewarding.

Before choosing this path with Dawn, my health, the whole of me – mind and emotions, body, and spirit – were frequently disconnected. Aware of this, I was searching for a practice for reconnection. I found it in HolSol’s Energy Reset.

Give yourself this gift.”


– Jana

In a few days I felt connected, aware and focused. A definite reset. The process was enlightening, calming, supportive and clear. Thank you Dawn!!”

– Ophelia

“I shifted my state from tired to thoughtful and grateful and your audio recordings were impressive in their professionalism, the perfect length.

– Beth

Join now for $33

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