HōlSōl Philosophy

The HōlSōl approach offers unique, personalized, and intentional support to reach your wellness goals.

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Venn Diagram for HolSol Wellness
Ecology Yoga Therapy Holistic Solution Aroma Therapy


Three figures side by side with interlocking arms to show collaboration.

Ecology is the study of inter-connectedness. My vision for health is inherently holistic; it spans physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. We grow, learn, heal and thrive in community. Relationships are the most important things of value, and your relationship to SELF is the foundation for optimal well-being.

Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy with two icon people sitting on the floor facing each other with a heart between them.

Yoga is more than a practice of postures on a sticky mat. It is a state of being in which mental and emotional fluctuations cease. It is a practice and a way of life. There is a yoga path for EVERY BODY.

Holistic Solution

Your physical and emotional wellness are interconnected on a deep level. My goal is to support you on your journey of self-awareness, as you learn how to choose from a variety of tools in order to navigate life’s everyday stressors.

Aroma Therapy

Mother nature provides medicine in many forms, including essential oils- potent plant extracts- which have been used for millennia by people around the world. Many plants generate volatile compounds to protect against predators and other threats such as disease. These compounds, extracted as essential oils, serve the same purpose in our bodies.