Transform Stress Into Positive Energy

(In Under 5 Minutes)

Discover simple techniques to reconnect with your innate state of joy and calm

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Inside this simple and accessible 9-page book you’ll discover:


How to use the Five Elements intuitively to manage your own energy


Practical steps to reduce anxious energy and move yourself into a calmer frame of mind


Simple techniques to reconnect with your innate state of joy and calm


Access to over a dozen examples and exercises that you can experiment with to find the perfect combination for you


A process that equips you with practical tools to reduce stress in the moment

These are insights and tools I’ve discovered via lived experience, and respectfully acknowledge the foundational teachings that come from Samkhaya Philosophy codified in India.

Health is an inside job

Hello there. I am…

Dawn Browning, Ph.D., researcher, teacher, and student, and founder of HolSol Wellness. I'm a walking paradox. I have one foot firmly rooted in modern science as a researcher studying plant life cycles and the other rooted in the study of ancient wisdom in yoga and leadership.

After years of study, I found a pathway to mindfully living a fulfilling healthy life. My path was transformed through the teachings of yoga, aromatherapy, and personal leadership.  I love my incredible life with Type 1 diabetes. And I'm passionate about supporting curious, responsible seekers on their healing and spiritual journey.

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