Want to breathe your way to a more vibrant you in < 90 mins?

Join The Pranayama Fundamentals for Vitality workshop to explore ways using your breath can help you feel grounded, alert, and more vibrant

...the asana was a way to embody pranayama, to bring movement to the breath.

The workshop was a well-planned combination of pranayama techniques with asana. But rather than the pranayama leading to or ending asana as is often the case, the asana was a way to embody pranayama, to bring movement to the breath. You led us skillfully and with heartfelt commitment to sharing what you have been studying yourself.

– Lauren, Yoga Practitioner

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You've been on this journey for a while

But there's still something missing.

If you’re like most people I work with then it could be that:

your mind scurries around like a squirrel on caffeine, making focus a challenge or

you find yourself in a late-night waltz with insomnia or

the constant battle with stress and anxiety have thrown your life out of rhythm.

Or maybe, it's the persistent feeling of disconnect – like you've misplaced a piece of yourself somewhere along the way.

Explore a few key ancient breathing techniques, steeped in tradition

Pranayama is a profound, transformative journey that intertwines your breath, mind, and spirit.

Proper respiratory function is like the secret sauce to your overall well-being. Mental clarity, consistent energy, emotional wellness – they're all interwoven with the way you breathe.

White woman facing right with shoulder-length brown hair smiling at the camera with palms together in front of her heart.


Pranayama Fundamentals for Vitality Workshop

Breathe your way to a more balanced, energetic, vibrant you.

Join me for a 90-min experience to dive into the essence of Prana as presented in the spiritual texts and explore what it means to you via breath awareness.

Experience the role of movement as a precursor to Pranayama and practice specific techniques to optimize breath control. This isn’t just about mastering your breathing.

This is about using the breath as a vehicle for prana – the all-pervading life force, and exploring a time-honored yoga tradition in a way that’s accessible and practical.

Workshop Details

Date: Sat 24th February 2024

Time: 12pm MT / 2pm ET / 6pm GMT

The workshop lasts 90 minutes


Dwell Yoga @ 424 N Main Street, Las Cruces, NM

Cost: $25

In this workshop you can move toward…

Discovering the Untapped Power of Breath

Explore Prana in your body and increase awareness of its flow in your body

Release Tension To Expand

Release tension in muscles that constrain our ability to breath fully in all sections of our lungs

Resting, Recharging and Energizing

The physiological benefits of Pranayama include restful, deep sleep and sustained energy throughout the day.

A Clearer Mind And Better Focus

Improve mental clarity and concentration. With every inhale…awareness grows, and with every exhale..release worry and doubt.

White woman facing right with shoulder-length brown hair smiling at the camera with palms together in front of her heart.

New to me? Hello! I'm Dawn

Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Ph.D., Ecologist, Founder of HolSol Wellness LLC

I'm a walking paradox. I have one foot firmly rooted in modern science as a (full-time) researcher studying plant life cycles and the other rooted in the study of ancient wisdom in yoga and leadership.

My commitment to Pranayama runs deep – rooted in years of dedicated study, personal practice, and two years of close engagement with an authentic, living yoga tradition.

Rising at 3:15am every Sunday morning to study with my teachers and fellow students from around the world for 2 years was easy once I connected with myself in a deeper way. 

My unique style combines appreciation for Indian culture, devoted study and embodiment of traditions and teachings of yoga, and proficiency with peer-reviewed scientific literature. It would be an honor to walk this path alongside you.

This workshop is for you if you are…

Seeking a Mind-Body Balance

You're craving harmony between your mind and body. I teach you how to find that balance through regulated breath control techniques.

On the yogic path

You may have completed some yoga training and are open to learning more. You're devoted to exploring its deeper dimensions and want to become acquainted with Pranayama via traditional yoga

Interested In Personal Evolution

You’re interested in finding new ways to enhance your mind-body-spirit connection. As part of your personal growth, you’re looking for a structured approach to grow in the art of Pranayama.


You're passionate about preserving the planet, and make conscious decisions to reduce your environmental impact (where possible). You understand the connection between healthy living and a healthy environment.

Have questions? I've got replies.

How can Pranayama breathing help me?

Breathing difficulties can lead to a lack of energy, foggy brain, or feeling indecisive or unsettled.

I teach the ancient art of Pranayama (or breath control) to offer you practical methods to enhance your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Can Pranayama help alleviate my stress?

Yes! I teach you how to use Pranayama techniques to help you manage and release stress effectively. There are ways through movement and conscious breathing. We explore both.

Can I really change my life with breath control?

Absolutely! It’s like discovering you’ve been driving in first gear your whole life.  Pranayama Fundamentals for Vitality helps you shift gears, enhancing your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.

Is this workshop suitable for beginners?

The practices are available to all. The workshop is open to zealous studwho may or may not have an established Yoga practice.

I smoke. Can I join this workshop?

In a word, No.

Without judgment, the better next step for your respiratory and energetic health would be to take steps to reduce and ultimately stop smoking.

For the record, I realize that stopping smoking can be incredibly difficult. Here are some recommendations from the Mayo Clinic.

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