Essential Oils

Mother Nature provides medicine in many forms.

One form is essential oils – potent plant extracts – which have been used for millennia by people around the world. Essential oils are incredibly versatile. While modern pharmaceuticals often target a single symptom, many essential oils simultaneously often provide multiple therapeutic benefits.

While plant medicine is not new, what is new is that modern production methods and commitment to purity have enabled dōTERRA to consistently produce essential oils of highest quality. I am proud to partner with this company. Quite simply, they are admirably focused on getting the best and helping the most.


At home, we use essential oils in every room. They are a part of countless routines to support our physical and emotional well-being. The power of dōTERRA essential oils and products allow me to live my life with less stress, better manage my Type 1 diabetes, enable my productive science career, elevate my yoga practice, enjoy greater financial freedom, and enrich my personal relationships.

I am a learner and a teacher. I am passionate about connecting with those who are interested in using these potent and powerful tools for living lighter, freer, healthier and more fulfilling lives. If interested, I would love to support you in learning to incorporate the best protocols – including the most relevant science – to move you closer to optimal health and well-being.