Writing is writing

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Writing about writing. Today I choose to write and accept my experience as a scientific writer as a valuable asset rather than something to overcome in more creative freewriting. Cogent, succinct and illustrative are attractive qualities in writing. Perhaps the greatest difference between scientific and creative writing is that in one you have a clear topic or point to make in an established style (IMRD) while in the other, you’re OPEN. I’m trusting that what wants to come through is what is best to share right now rather than worrying about whether (or not) the passage fits into a “content bucket” that I have conjured up.

Writing supports writing. Writing informs writing. Writing informs writing. Writing informs writing. Writing is writing. Writing is writing. Writing is writing. Writing brings me joy. Writing is joyful for me. Writing brings my joy.

I welcome JOY in the writing process and do small things to coerce the joyfulness to emerge, like keeping an open bottle of Cistus essential oil on my desk between my wrists that support my fingers flying across the keyboard. Or sitting before a window that offers a natural aesthetic to my periodic pause to take a deep breath.

Is writing something you struggle with? How about we change that right now and “flip it.” Is writing something that brings you joy!? If not, what can you do to coerce or infuse the practice with joy. If yes, what about it prompt JOY? We all want to know.

Have a radiant day in which the words flow freely.


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