Do You Want to Silence the Mental Chatter and Truly Connect with Yourself?

Learn How To Turn Breath Into Bliss

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You've been on this journey for a while

You're no stranger to the yogic path.

But there's still something missing.

Maybe it's the way your mind scurries around like a squirrel on caffeine, making focus a challenge.

Perhaps it's the late-night waltz with insomnia.

The constant battle with stress and anxiety that's thrown your life out of rhythm.

Or maybe, it's the persistent feeling of disconnect – like you've misplaced a piece of yourself somewhere along the journey.

You're devoted to studying yoga and personal development, but something's still not right…

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Lack of Focus: You struggle to concentrate on one task at a time, with your mind constantly wandering off.
Stress and Anxiety: You are constantly dealing with high levels of stress and anxiety, which is impacting your daily life and overall well-being.
Inconsistent Sleep Patterns: You're suffering from inconsistent or poor sleep, which is affecting your energy levels and mood throughout the day.
Low Energy: You often feel drained or fatigued, making it difficult for you to remain productive and engaged in your daily tasks.
Difficulty Meditating: You have trouble settling into your seated practice, finding it hard to still your mind and tune in to your breath.
Physical Discomfort: You might be experiencing physical discomfort or stiffness, particularly related to breathing or posture.
Disconnected from Self: You feel out of touch with your inner self and want to foster a deeper connection with your mind and body.
If you've been nodding “yes” to all this, I want you to know – I hear you. I've been there. And I have something that might just be the key you're looking for.

Discover a few key ancient breathing techniques, steeped in tradition and honed over millennia*

Pranayama is a profound, transformative journey that intertwines your breath, mind, and spirit.

Proper respiratory function is like the secret sauce to your overall well-being. Mental clarity, consistent energy, emotional wellness – they're all interwoven with the way you breathe.

*I honor and acknowledge my teachers Yogacharini Deepika Giri and Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani for sharing teachings from the illustrious Rishiculture Gitananda Ashtanga tradition.

You might be thinking...

“How can breathing – something I do all day – make such a big difference?”

It’s all about connecting the dots and cultural context.

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Pranayama For Self-Healing

Breathe your way to a more balanced, more energetic, more vibrant you.

Join me on this path through fundamentals of Pranayama.

I bring a unique blend of expertise and passion to teach you a holistic understanding of your body, mind, and spirit. This isn't just about mastering your breathing.

This is about using the breath as a vehicle for prana – the all-pervading life force, and exploring a time-honored yoga tradition in a way that’s accessible and practical for your modern lifestyle.

With my background in scientific research and health advocacy, I have a knack for breaking down esoteric concepts into relatable principles. 

You will not be asked to blindly follow instructions, but truly understand the ‘how' and ‘why' behind each Pranayama practice and you can embody them.

My devotion to learning in reflected in my teaching style that pulls from a variety of modalities, distilling the wisdom of ages and presenting it in a manner that's simple yet profound.

It's a synthesis of knowledge crafted for simplicity, while honoring cultural context with reverence to deliver the true essence of the teachings. 

This will very possibly be unlike other pranayama trainings you've done before; it's a sadhana (practice-based) offering with a holistic approach to understanding the human body, mind, and spirit.

You benefit directly from my dedication to deliver a comprehensive understanding of Pranayama from the Rishiculture Ashtanga Gitananda Yoga tradition – one that interweaves years of devoted study, personal practice, and close engagement with this authentic, living yoga tradition.

“Our life begins with our first inhale and ends with our last exhale. Every breath is a mini-lifetime.” – Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani

With this program I will help you move towards…

Discovering the Untapped Power of Breath

Dive deep into the yogic art of breath control, and unlock new dimensions of your yoga practice

Deepening Your Inner Connection

Strengthen your connection with yourself and attune to your inner sense of knowing through the mindful practice of Pranayama.

Embracing Self-Realization

Let the power of Pranayama guide you towards self-realization. Uncover and embrace the true you that's been waiting to shine.

A Clearer Mind And Better Focus

Improve your mental clarity and concentration. With every inhale…soak in positivity, and with every exhale..let go of worry or doubt that clouds your day.

Revitalizing Your Body

Your dedicated Pranayama practice supports an optimally oxygenated bloodstream, improved respiratory function, and enhanced heart health.

Resting, Recharging and Energizing

The physiological benefits of Pranayama include restful, deep sleep and sustained energy throughout the day.

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How is Pranayama For Self-Healing delivered?

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Six x 90-min Zoom sessions


Embrace a tailored, real-time learning experience that fully immerses you in the transformative power of Pranayama.


These are vibrant, interactive opportunities to dive into the depths of Pranayama and receive feedback within the session.


Discover the rich tapestry of this practice, all while actively being guided and supported.

Black and white image of two white women with brown hair sitting in on wood floor of a yoga studio facing each other. Their eyes are closed at this point in the yoga therapy session.

Small group format


With a cap of only 12 participants per session, this course ensures personalized attention that can help foster your growth and mastery in Pranayama.


In our small group setting, you are more than just a participant. You're an integral part of a community committed to personal and spiritual growth.

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Weekly 30 min live Q&A sessions

These live sessions mean you won't be navigating your journey alone. You'll have direct access to me, enabling you to ask any questions that arise during the course so you can get personalized answers.
This not only provides you with a tailored learning experience but also ensures any uncertainties or misconceptions can be addressed, enhancing your understanding and progress in the Pranayama practice and building community.
Young woman with long dark curly hair wearing headphone while watching a laptop screen and engaging with the content. Woman is wearing green sweater and smiling.

Weekly instructional videos


Less than 15 minutes long, they ensure you're prepped and ready to make the most of our time together.


These succinct – yet comprehensive – instructional videos provide the background and theory for the weekly theme and serve as the perfect primer for our live sessions. 

Weekly wellness plan on a clipboard with tennis shoes, water bottle, and small pink hand weights

An ongoing shorter practice

I share a streamlined, easy-to-follow strategy for a shorter Pranayama practice.
Perfect for those in-between days, this practice can easily slip into your routine, keeping your progress steady, your energy high, and your connection with the Pranayama lifestyle strong.

Learn a progressive practice that builds on itself week after week

Imagine each week like climbing a step on a ladder to your self-growth. 
The progressive structure of this program helps you gradually and consistently expand your skills.
Deepen your understanding, and experience the profound impact of Pranayama at an ever-intensifying level.

You're not just learning…you're evolving.

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What we cover in the course

Thumbnail for Week 1 of Pranayama for Self-Healing Course that reads: "Week 01: Perceiving Prana" WIth HolSol Wellness logo at bottom that reads: "Holistic Solutions"
Dive into the essence of Prana as presented in the spiritual texts and explore it and what it means to you via breath awareness.
Thumbnail for Week 2 of Pranayama for Self-Healing Course that reads: "Week 02: Propelling Prana" WIth HolSol Wellness logo at bottom that reads: "Holistic Solutions"
Experience the role of movement as a precursor to Pranayama and practice specific techniques to optimize breath control.
Thumbnail for Week 3 of Pranayama for Self-Healing Course that reads: "Week 03: Prosper in Pranayama" WIth HolSol Wellness logo at bottom that reads: "Holistic Solutions"
Delve into the anatomy of breathing by exploring the broncho-pulmonary segments to foster a deeper connection with your lungs and breath.
Thumbnail for Week 4 of Pranayama for Self-Healing Course that reads: "Week 04: Pulse and Patterns" WIth HolSol Wellness logo at bottom that reads: "Holistic Solutions"
Discover how breath rhythms can influence your emotional and mental states and practice different rhythms of breathing.
Thumbnail for Week 5 of Pranayama for Self-Healing Course that reads: "Week 05: Partner with Sound" WIth HolSol Wellness logo at bottom that reads: "Holistic Solutions"
Combine conscious breathing with resonant sound that can open a new dimension of relaxation and healing.
Thumbnail for Week 6 of Pranayama for Self-Healing Course that reads: "Week 06: Path to Practice" WIth HolSol Wellness logo at bottom that reads: "Holistic Solutions"
Integrate and bridge all you’ve experienced and harmonize your breath with the primal sound of the Universe, AUM.

What happens during the Zoom sessions?

We begin with lung-expanding movements to prepare the body

As I guide you through grounding techniques and lung-expanding movements, you'll feel tension or stress melt away, setting the perfect stage for your Pranayama practice. 

We explore the weekly Pranayama practice

With every Pranayama practice, your energy becomes more efficiently harnessed and balanced, fueling you for the tasks and challenges of your daily life.

You emerge from each session feeling nourished, grounded, and glowing with vitality.

We close with a guided relaxation practice

You're led toward a state of deep calm, where your mind is serene and your body is utterly relaxed and you get to integrate the practice.

The integration offers a way to calibrate your nervous system and foster a sense of inner peace that lingers long after the session ends.

White woman facing right with shoulder-length brown hair smiling at the camera with palms together in front of her heart.

New to me? Hello! I'm Dawn

Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Ph.D., Ecologist, Founder of HolSol Wellness LLC

I'm a walking paradox. I have one foot firmly rooted in modern science as a (full-time) researcher studying plant life cycles and the other rooted in the study of ancient wisdom in yoga and leadership.

With expertise as a Certified Yoga Therapist and Aromatherapist, I integrate ancient wisdom and modern science to offer personalized sessions and transformative practices.

My commitment to Pranayama runs deep – rooted in years of dedicated study, personal practice, and a close engagement with an authentic, living yoga tradition. Today, I rise at 3:15am every Sunday morning to study with my teachers and fellow students from around the world. 

On my recent immersion at theYoga Satsanga ashram in Wales, I received the message loud and clear “Now is the time to teach.” The time has come to share these rich and vast teachings with others.

My unique style combines appreciation for Indian culture, devoted study and embodiment of traditions and teachings of yoga, and proficiency with peer-reviewed scientific literature. It would be an honor to walk this path alongside you.

This program is for you if you are…

Seeking a Mind-Body Balance

You're craving harmony between your mind and body. I teach you how to find that balance through regulated breath control techniques.

On the yogic path

You may not have completed a yoga teacher training, but you have completed some yoga training and are open to learning more. You're devoted to exploring its deeper dimensions and want to become acquainted with Pranayama via traditional yoga

Interested In Personal Evolution

You’re interested in finding new ways to enhance your mind-body-spirit connection. As part of your personal growth plan, you’re looking for a structured approach to grow in the art of Pranayama.


You're passionate about preserving the planet, and make conscious decisions to reduce your environmental impact (where possible). You understand the connection between healthy living and a healthy environment.

A Spiritual Seeker

You're on a path to self-realization and need tools to tune into your inner wisdom. Pranayama for Self-Healing offers a structured way to foster this connection and deepen your spiritual journey.

A Proactive Change-Maker

You believe in action over words, wanting to make a difference in your environment and in yourself. You get upset by a public disregard for the environment, and wastefulness (especially of food when others are without).

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Due to the interactive, small group format of this offering, I am not able to offer a money back guarantee.

I do want you to be able to decide with grounded confidence that this is a program that you can be part of and enjoy.

To that end, there’s an opportunity to ask a question in the bubble below and on the right. I’ll happily reply to your questions to be sure it’s a good fit.

Don’t Miss this Limited-time Opportunity

If this program is calling to you I invite you to join me in this beta round for only $497

The next time I run this program, the investment will likely double. The current price of $497 is a one-time, beta-launch deal.

As part of this uniquely beneficial exchange, I'll be inviting your invaluable feedback to continue refining the experience. In addition, your testimonials could inspire and guide others on their journey, shaping the transformative power of Pranayama for many more to come.

I’m also capping this at 12 participants. I want to create an intimate and close-knit community of like-minded people, ready to support each other on this transformative journey.

If you’re ready to invest in an experience that can profoundly enrich your life, I’d love to have you join me as I help you harness the power of your breath, bolster your mental clarity, and deepen your self-awareness.

Have questions? I've got replies.

How can Pranayama breathing help me?
Breathing difficulties can lead to a lack of energy, foggy brain, or feeling indecisive or unsettled.

I teach the ancient art of Pranayama (or breath control) to offer you practical methods to enhance your mental, physical, and emotional health.

Why is this program six weeks?
My teachers say and I’ve experienced this multiple times myself, that consistent practice over six weeks offers deep-rooted change. That said, each session, each practice will offer a shape-shift.
How much time will this take each week?
Life is indeed full and I kept this in mind while designing the course. You get up to 2 hours with me per week – 90 min practice via Zoom, and 30 min weekly Q and A as long as people show up for it.

In addition, there will be a short (no more than 15 min) instructional video to introduce the topic of the week. So, 2:15 for the course materials.

My hope is that you bring these teachings into your daily life in a way that works for you and your schedule – it can be 15 mins per day. Keep in mind the adage – “You get out of this what you put in.”

When are the live practice sessions?

The weekly live sessions are planned for Saturday mornings (9am MST/ 11am EST / 5pm CET) and will be recorded if you’re unable to attend live…but live offers group energy.

When are the live Q and A sessions?

At this time, I’ve scheduled the 30 -min Q and A call for 5pm MST/ 7p EST / 1am  CET, next day) on Thursdays for as long as there is interest and participation from the group. I’m open to adjusting the day (a big benefit of being a BETA group member). In any event, you can submit questions to me in advance and I can address them in the Q and A call.

What if I cannot make the live weekly sessions?
If you are unable to make the live practice sessions, the recordings will be available on the course platform as quickly as possible and no later than 48 hours after we finish.
Can Pranayama help alleviate my stress?
Yes! I teach you how to use Pranayama techniques to help you manage and release stress effectively. There are ways through movement and conscious breathing. We explore both.
What if I'm not able to keep up with the program?
I’ve designed the program and content to build incrementally. The weekly instructional videos will be available before our live sessions and recordings will be uploaded to the course website no more than 48 hours later. 

I highly recommend you come to the live sessions, but if you can’t make them, they’ll be recorded for you to catch up. And remember, it’s about progress, not perfection. Reach out to me and I can guide you through the program.

Can I really change my life with breath control?
Absolutely! It’s like discovering you’ve been driving in first gear your whole life.  Pranayama for Self-Healing helps you shift gears, enhancing your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing.
How quickly will I see results?
Each person is different. AND with consistent practice, it won’t be long before you feel the difference. It’s like planting a seed – with a little patience and care, you’ll soon see it grow.
What support will I get during this transformative journey?
You get up to 2 hours with me each week (90-min group practice and 30-min Q and A – as long as participants join). 

You’ll also be part of a group of like-minded individuals that offers a level of support. There is no one-on-one work included in the course. If you seek that level of support, I encourage looking into booking a 1:1 session with me here.

Is this program suitable for beginners?
The practices are available to all. The group experience is an important aspect of the offering. The course is open to zealous students who want to join, but may not have an established Yoga practice.
I smoke. Can I join this course?
In a word, No.

Without judgment, the better next step for your respiratory and energetic health would be to take steps to reduce and ultimately stop smoking.

For the record, I realize that stopping smoking can be incredibly difficult. Here are some recommendations from the Mayo Clinic.

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*I honor and acknowledge the source and my luminous teachers Yogacharini Deepika Giri and Yogacharya Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani who have supported my growth with the teachings from the illustrious Rishiculture Gitananda Ashtanga tradition.