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To thrive is to grow vigorously; to gain in wealth or possessions; to progress toward or realize a goal despite or because of circumstances. 

Sounds great, right? Who doesn't want to live a vibrant life?!

But the alarming truth is, many of us are stuck in survival mode. We go through the motions, we strive, we tick all the boxes of external success, but deep inside, something is missing. Instead of thriving, we experience exhaustion, overwhelm, anxiety, and stress.

Am I right? I know I'm right, because I've lived it. I live in the real world, too: I have a career, a family, and I manage a chronic disease (more on that later)…but I have found a way to thrive despite the hustle and noise of modern life, and you can, too.


A Holistic Approach Blending Nature and Nurture


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HōlSōl Philosophy

The HōlSōl approach offers unique, personalized, and intentional support to reach your wellness goals.

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Ecology Yoga Therapy Holistic Solution Aroma Therapy


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Ecology is the study of inter-connectedness. My vision for health is inherently holistic; it spans physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. We grow, learn, heal and thrive in community. Relationships are the most important things of value, and your relationship to SELF is the foundation for optimal well-being.

Yoga Therapy

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Yoga is more than a practice of postures on a sticky mat. It is a state of being in which mental and emotional fluctuations cease. It is a practice and a way of life. There is a yoga path for EVERY BODY.

Holistic Solution

Your physical and emotional wellness are interconnected on a deep level. My goal is to support you on your journey of self-awareness, as you learn how to choose from a variety of tools in order to navigate life’s everyday stressors.

Aroma Therapy

Mother nature provides medicine in many forms, including essential oils- potent plant extracts- which have been used for millennia by people around the world. Many plants generate volatile compounds to protect against predators and other threats such as disease. These compounds, extracted as essential oils, serve the same purpose in our bodies.

Learner. Teacher. Guide.

You're here! Welcome. I’m Dawn Browning, Ph.D. scientist, yoga therapist, holistic wellness expert, and lover of poetry dedicated to empowering others on their healing journey. With expertise as a Certified Yoga Therapist and Aromatherapist, I integrate ancient wisdom and modern science to offer personalized sessions and transformative practices. If you’re an Earth-conscious seeker, join our community at HolSol Wellness, LLC to embark on your self-discovery journey and potentially embrace a brighter, more vibrant existence.

Work With Me

HōlSōl Wellness, Yoga therapy with two icon people sitting on the floor facing each other with a heart between them.

Yoga Therapy

My teacher Joseph LePage explains yoga therapy with this analogy: Yoga teachers cook with a recipe, while yoga therapists cook from scratch and substitute ingredients as needed. Work with me to discover more joy in your everyday life using breath, movement, and meditative techniques.

HōlSōl Wellness, Yoga therapy with two icon people sitting on the floor facing each other with a heart between them.

Aroma Therapy

Essential oils are vastly versatile. While modern pharmaceuticals often target a single symptom, essential oils can offer multiple therapeutic benefits. In our sessions, you learn how to use these plant essences in your daily life to manage stress and support your well-being.

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Community & Leadership

Are you curious about how you might expand and grow into the most bright and vibrant version of YOU? Do you yearn for community with individuals who share a vision to create a more just, equitable and verdant world? Let's talk, and see if we're a good match.

What People Are Saying

“Dawn was professional, deeply caring, and drew from a broad variety of effective tools that could fit within my life. It was a great experience working with her!”

Akasha Faist, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

“Dawn's approach truly holistic. She helped heal me in ways that no one else was able to and offered me ways to continue that healing on my own.”
Megan McKinney

Yoga therapy client

“Dawn Browning is a friend, mentor and motivator. Her positive energy and desire to uplift and serve others changed me personally and my dōTERRA business.”

Michelle Dinh

Yoga Teacher & Entrepreneur


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