One-on-One Yoga Therapy Sessions

Strengthen your body's resistance to stress and promote health

Powerful sessions to help you move through physical or emotional pain and support your well-being as a unified whole.

After a week of following Dawn's advice, my pain was gone!

I was having pain in my right quad and hamstring. Dawn led me through several movements and observed me, making thoughtful adjustments. She suggested that I consciously engage my glutes more when squatting and gave me several exercises to increase strength and flexibility. After a week of using them, my pain was gone. In addition, her calm presence and the use of essential oils and aromatherapy during our session made me shed stress and relax deeply. I wholeheartedly recommend her services! – Amanda, Entrepreneur

Image woman with long dark hair wearing a CGM at sunset with wam welcoming look on her face. She's wearing a blue dress and holding an essential oil bottle

Transform your relationship with yourself through this unique experience.

I help you attune to your state and choose the best next step to settle your mind, ease discomfort, and feel more at ease.

You’re moving along the path of conscious awareness of your thoughts, feelings, spirit and connection to yourself and something greater than yourself.

These are 60 min therapeutic yoga experiences to address your unique wellness objectives.

These sessions are for you if you want…

Improved mental focus and clarity

to help you navigate life's ups and downs

Greater self confidence

and deeper connection to your self and intuition

Create a greater sense of calm

from day to day and moment to moment

Reduced pain and discomfort

because we focus on your individual physical and emotional needs

Improved emotional or mental balance

so you feel more grounded when circumstances around you are in flux

Improved management of health conditions

by refining your relationship with your chronic health condition

Stronger connection

with yourself using tools to settle or lift your energy as needed

To be empowered with greater agency

over your health and well-being with tools at your fingertips

Greater self-awareness

and enrich your relationship with life as it comes

Deeper relaxation

more restful sleep and reduced stress

The best thing about this experience is that it is fully personalized for your needs.

Dawn helped me build a yoga practice that lets me help myself through difficult times

Dawn has a true gift for helping us welcome ease and equanimity into our lives. She is kind, straightforward and caring. She helped me build a yoga practice that lets me help myself through difficult times. After all, don’t the best teachers show us the strengths within ourselves? – Katie, Mama of 2

How Our Yoga Therapy Sessions Work

This is a collaborative experience. We cultivate awareness as things shift moment to moment.

During the session I guide you through a 4-step therapeutic process that allows you to engage in the practices that are suitable for you, all specific from how you’re feeling in the moment. These 4 steps are:

Yoga therapist, white woman in her 40s and shoulder-length brown hair observers her client, a white woman in her 30s as she notices her breath.


We start by grounding into the present moment.

We then check in with how you feel and what you want to work on during the session

We create a safe container for you to still your mind so you can receive signals your body is sending so we focus on your greatest need in our time together.


Depending on how you’re feeling and what comes up, we work togehter to explore specific practical techniques to address them.

You’ll likely experience a mix of breath awareness, Pranayama breathing practice, gentle movement and guided meditation to ease your pain or dissolve blocks.


During our session, you may notice things coming up, so this part of your session involves a restorative rest for you to go within in a way that feels safe and comfortable.

You get to integrate what needs to be integrated, and leave what needs to be left. This can be a guided relaxation or silent restorative time.


We close the container, check in and devise a path forward.

By grounding in the space, you are better able to identify which parts of the practice you can continue on your own before our next session.

Dawn has given me an increased belief in myself and boost in self-confidence

Dawn has helped me tap into both my physical and mental/emotional ability to heal. One of the biggest benefits I have gotten so far (as I plan to continue working with her) is an increased belief in myself and boost in self-confidence. – Alison, Program Director

Booking Your Yoga Therapy Session

To get started, book your session package below. 

You'll receive a booking confirmation via email and then be directed to fill out a questionnaire.  

(The completed form is required at least 24 hours before our session. This is so I feel safe and can prepare for our time together.)

In our 1st session, we review information from your questionnaire, discuss your wellness objectives, do a postural assessment, breath awareness, and practices. 

You leave with an at-home plan to implement for two weeks.

In your 2nd session, we evaluate progress with your treatment plan from session and adjust the plan if needed for you continued progress and healing.

Two sessions for $375

Please note: At the moment my sessions are available on Saturdays (because I’m a rock-star scientist on Monday through Friday!). If that doesn’t work for your schedule, reach out and I’ll see if I can move things around for you.

White woman facing right with shoulder-length brown hair smiling at the camera with palms together in front of her heart.

New to me? Hello, I’m Dawn.

Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Ph.D., Ecologist, Founder of HolSol Wellness LLC

I'm a walking paradox. I have one foot firmly rooted in modern science as a (full-time) researcher studying plant life cycles and the other rooted in the study of ancient wisdom in yoga and leadership.

With expertise as a Certified Yoga Therapist and Aromatherapist, I integrate ancient wisdom and modern science to offer personalized sessions and transformative practices.

After years of study, I found a pathway to mindfully living a fulfilling healthy life. My path was transformed through the teachings of yoga, aromatherapy, and personal leadership

On a fateful June day at an ashram outside Austin, TX in 2016, a yoga therapy intervention changed my relationship and my life with Type 1 diabetes. That experience was a pivot point and why I became a Certified Yoga Therapist. 

I'm passionate about supporting curious, responsible seekers on their healing and spiritual journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions will I need?

That depends on you. Typically, past clients have received greatest benefit from a series of 3 sessions as things come up as we work together.

I recommend starting with our initial session because we both invest in the therapeutic relationship. I will send a short survey after our first session and you can choose how we proceed.

Are these sessions in person or on Zoom?

At this time, therapeutic yoga sessions are offered via Zoom.

How do you support me before our session?

I've created a questionaire for you to share your goals. You'll get the link to the form after you book your first session.

It’s an important part of our process. You share your goals for booking the session and provide information about your patterns in activity, digestion, sleep and other details that offer a fuller picture of your emotional and physical state. 

It’s a more holistic form than you complete at your doctor’s office.

Why is the cost higher than a 1:1 yoga session?

The price includes our time together and the time before and after the session to provide you with a summary of our session and resources to continue your practices at home. 

Yoga therapy encompasses more than a yoga class. The 800-hour training (to be a yoga therapist) is more comprehensive, involves interfacing with medical professionals and training to work with clients with medical conditions. This in a professional service that is an investment in your holistic well-being.

If price is the only hurdle, reach out to me and we can explore options.

How long does it take to fill out the questionnaire?

It takes most clients 7 to 10 minutes to complete. 

Clients have told me that filling the form itself has been therapeutic because the questions are holistic and help you start thinking about how you’re feeling and changes you want to make.

How is this different from yoga?

This is not a 1:1 yoga class.
Physical postures commonly taught in 1:1 yoga classes are only a small part of what we do together. We bring in other aspects of yoga that include conscious breathing, self-reflection, guided relaxation. 

We typically focus on the therapeutic application of the most relevant components of yoga that will serve your needs – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – in our session(s).

Do I need to be able to touch my toes?

Nope. One can do yoga from an ICU bed (although I never want that for anyone). Yoga is more about awareness than touching your toes.

Will you be using Sanskrit? Do I need to understand it?

Sanskrit is a vibratory resonant language. I will use Sanskrit terms as they pertain to our work together. Also, I aim to explain these terms in ways that are easy to understand. It’s important to me to offer these practices and tools in a way that is accessible for you.

I’ve never done yoga at all…

Yoga therapy is great for beginners because it is usually done individually or in small groups. This can be less intimidating and means you can get more attention from your yoga therapist. You need only come with an open mind and be willing to work together.

What should I wear?

You don’t need fancy clothes. Wear clothing that is comfortable and breathable. Avoid clothing that hinders your movement; you want to be able to move freely. Yoga is often done barefoot, be prepared to take your shoes and socks off. This practice can be adapted to suit your individual needs, for example, if you need the support of a brace or orthotic device.

Am I supposed to join my yoga therapy session on an empty stomach?

We do not want to be working together right after a big meal. Ideally, we practice yoga on an empty stomach – which means avoiding food 2–3 hours before our session. Do what serves you best. If you tend to have low blood sugar, low blood pressure, or another health concern, you may need to eat something small within that time frame. As one living with Type 1 diabetes, I always have  a snack nearby and I want you to feel comfortable and safe. If you’re unsure, check with your physician or healthcare provider.

What’s the difference between yoga therapy and physical therapy?

Yoga therapists do not diagnose mental health conditions or problems. The assessment tools we use in yoga therapy emphasize wellness and overall health and are based in yoga philosophy rather than on the psychological sciences used by psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors. Yoga therapy care is usually broader and includes asana, pranayama, meditation, and other lifestyle modalities.

 Yoga therapy can complement your care through your medical healthcare team. 

What if I just want to deeply relax?

You can do that! With most clients, building awareness of precisely what you need is a key starting point. These sessions are highly personalized; my intention is to support you in getting what you need. If that’s a long, deep relaxation practice, I can provide that.

Ready to discover the strengths within yourself?

Two sessions for $375

Please note: At the moment my sessions are available on Saturdays (because I’m a rock-star scientist  Monday through Friday!). If that doesn’t work for your schedule, reach out and I’ll see if I can move things around for you.

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