If you live with Type 1 Diabetes and are doing all the things you’re advised to do, but still don’t feel confident and complete…

You can now tap into a unique alternative and a personalized approach that can shift your relationship with Type 1 Diabetes so you can live a more vibrant life.

Discover how to empower your sense of self-care and live in harmony with T1D, without needing to watch lengthy and boring training videos (and get stuck with more questions than answers).

Try a new, proven method that integrates science with ancient wisdom, created after living successfully with Type 1 Diabetes for 36 years and teaching others how to do it.

A Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis can feel like a life sentence.

Managing T1D is complex and HEY, you have a life to live (fully)! It takes energy, money, and constant attention to avoid highs and lows.

And maybe while being exhausted after doing all the things your team advises to manage your blood glucose, you’re probably STILL not where you want to be.

Shouldn’t eating a balanced diet, exercising, counting carbs, and taking insulin get the results we want?

You and I know that’s not the formula as it is often presented.

And that’s because there’s a missing link between what we’re told and what we need:

effective tools for managing our mental and emotional well-being.

“Is that really so important?” I hear you ask.

Yes, but before I go into it, let me see if I understand where you are right now.

If you’re reading these words, it’s highly probable that:


You’re frustrated. You do your best to control your blood glucose levels and your numbers still go high and/or low.


You’re overwhelmed by the number of things you must always be thinking about to avoid highs and lows. You’re always on alert.


You’re mentally drained and physically tired of self-care.


You feel like Type 1 diabetes controls your life.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Maybe you also feel or experience:


overwhelmed by the demands of managing T1 diabetes?


flying off the handle when your sugars are high and pissed off every time your pump signals “High blood glucose”?


strained in your personal and professional relationships?


detached from self and others as if no one understands what it takes to manage diabetes?


afraid of potential complications if you don’t get blood glucose values “under control?”

I have lived with T1D 36 years (and counting) and have felt all of that.

AND there is a different way to live and be. A different approach that is going to change your perspective forever. A way to thrive.

What if I told you that awareness of your patterns (thoughts, emotions, and mental state) AND knowing how to use simple tools to reduce diabetes stress are the missing link in your diabetes care?

Yet, no one is talking about it and it isn’t part of our diabetes education.

It’s time you take an active and important role in your life with T1D!

Buckle up because you’re about to learn that you CAN live a vibrant life with diabetes. I do.

Living a vibrant life with T1 diabetes requires a HOLISTIC or whole-person approach to support ALL of you – including your mood, your thoughts, your emotions, and your digestion.

Modern science is KEY to living well with T1 Diabetes while ancient wisdom traditions offer tools to living with less stress and anxiety.

Together, these two are the perfect combination for living in harmony with T1 Diabetes!

Diabetes doesn’t cause long-term complications. High blood glucose values do.

Here’s what you were probably never told…

Have you ever heard that:

Stress hormones can elevate your blood glucose values? And that you can learn ways to disrupt the diabetes distress cycle?

That of people living with diabetes (in the U.S.), T1Ds have the highest levels of distress related to diabetes care (Polonosky et al. 2005)?

Anxiety and depression are common with diabetes and occur more frequently in women with diabetes than in men with diabetes (Huang et al. 2011)?

Learning to self-regulate your mental and emotional state can make it easier to manage your blood glucose and simplify your T1D care?

With T1 Diabetes, there is no ‘one size fits all’ formula for management?

I guess not. Most people haven’t. But I’m here to change that and I understand that you are unique.

Your responses to insulin, food choices, exercise, hormonal changes, and emotions are unique.

One-size-fits-all solutions will have little impact and do not speak to the emotional burden of living will with T1D.

By working 1-on-1, together, we can create customized solutions that work for you!

“Dawn is a highly skilled and effective yoga therapist. I was having pain in my right quad and hamstring. She led me through several movements and observed me, making thoughtful adjustments.

She suggested that I consciously engage my glutes more when squatting and gave me several exercises to increase strength and flexibility.

After a week of using them, my pain was gone.

In addition, her calm presence and the use of essential oils and aromatherapy during our session made me shed stress and relax deeply.”

I wholeheartedly recommend her services!”

– A.H.

“Dawn has a true gift for helping us welcome ease and equanimity into our lives. She is kind, straightforward and caring.

She helped me build a yoga practice that lets me help myself through difficult times.

After all, don’t the best teachers show us the strengths within ourselves?”

– K.H.

So, what EXACTLY is this 1-on-1 program and what’s in it?

The Thrive with Type 1 Diabetes 1-on-1 Transformation Program is simply a six-week guided journey to redefine your relationship with diabetes.

With my support as a guide, you will reduce overwhelm and worry, build confidence and achieve better numbers with a personalized approach that blends science with ancient wisdom.

This is the only 6-week 1-on-1 program designed to redefine your relationship with T1 diabetes that integrates ecology, yoga, aromatherapy, and personal leadership AND puts you in the driver’s seat to improve your diabetes outcomes.

What can you expect?

Let’s start with this – Your results will reflect your commitment and dedication to our work together over the 6 weeks.

There are many things you can expect or envision with (or after) this 6-week program:

Oh, dear, where to start? Many things, but among the most important you can expect to (envision?)

Reducing diabetes overwhelm

Understanding your patterns

Not having to watch 6 hours of pre-recorded Zoom videos because you get personal attention.

Your transformation begins in our very first session.

My intention is that by the end of the program, good decisions will be easier to make. You’ll understand your patterns, be able to identify your best next step, and increase your confidence to work collaboratively with your medical team.

Here’s how it all breaks down:


E-book “The 5 elements as a framework to transcend stress” by Dr. Dawn (valued at $19)

You will begin immediately upon registration with an easy-to-read introduction to one (of three) frameworks we will explore during the 6-week program – the Five Elements with tips you can use right away to ground, center and feel more at ease (even before our first 1:1 session)


75-min one-on-one holistic therapeutic assessment with Dr. Dawn. (valued at $200)

You will clarify your top wellness goals and establish a baseline for the physical, emotional, and mental realms of your diabetes care


Daily journal to keep track of your wellness goals, daily blood glucose patterns, food, emotion, and energetic states for a holistic perspective (valued at $15)

You will understand your patterns – how foods affect your mood and how your mood and sleep patterns affect your blood sugar


Five 40-min one-on-one therapeutic sessions with Dr. Dawn (once/week to build on initial assessment and evolve over the 6 weeks (valued at 5x$100 = $500)

This is where the magic happens – together, we create personalized practices for self-care and diabetes management. You’ll understand the HOW and more importantly the WHY of each practice so you can modulate your mood AND your blood glucose values more easily.


Highly personalized treatment plan from each session (with #4) to implement right away (valued 5 x $50 $250)

You will receive clear guidance for your new habits and practices with written or audio notes (to suit you best) and have no excuses for not using them


Up to 25-min support between our one-on-one sessions (valued 5 x $20 $100)

Get 3 to 5-min daily check-in via text or voice messaging to benefit from support and accountability as you move closer to self-guidance.


Customized aromatherapy formulations (up to 3 over the 5 sessions) with instructions for best use. (valued $150)

You will enjoy and implement aromatic anchors for your new state. These formulations are made just for you as a powerful adjunct tool/therapy for transformation.


In addition to the exclusive one-on-one offer to explore your direct path to better diabetes management, you also receive these potent, short (< 20-min) education videos with Dr. Dawn, C-IAYT, Ph.D. to enrich your THRIVE with T1 Diabetes program experience.


How stress can complicates blood glucose management: The positive feedback between stress and diabetes that complicates blood glucose management. We’ll cover physiology in language you can understand. (valued at $49)

Understand how stress and your response to it amplify challenges with blood glucose management.


Yoga: The path to a vibrant life – it’s not what you might think (valued at $49)

Understand what yoga is and how these ancient practices are an essential component of holistic diabetes care.


Aromatherapy: How to leverage the healing properties of plants (valued at $49)

Learn how volatile plant extracts, essential oils, help us reduce stress (fast) and support our innate capacity to heal.

*Videos will be accessible featuring closed captions to accommodate different learning styles.

All these components are packed into one of the best investments you can make in your health. Ever.

And, now for the details!

Before I share how you can get access to this very unique and personalized program, let me properly introduce myself:

Hello friend, I’m Dawn – the first thing you should know about me is that I have lived (well) most of my 36 years (and counting) with Type 1 diabetes and as of this writing, have no long-term complications.

Today, I thrive with T1D.

There were times when my T1D was not my top priority, and I had no idea that emotional distress was affecting my numbers…. like the time I blacked out behind the wheel of my car two months after losing my mother to breast cancer. Thankfully, no one was hurt. That night was a wake-up call for me.

Since then, I’ve devoted myself to learning and healing and helping others do the same.

When I started studying aromatherapy and yoga, my life changed – most dramatically in my relationship with my T1 diabetes.

I am a Certified Yoga Therapist (C-AIYT) and earned my Ph.D. in Renewable Natural Resources. Now, I manage an active research program focusing on environmental sustainability in my current position as a Research Ecologist.

Plants intrigue me – their ecology and healing properties fascinate me and inspire my work with clients. Essential oils can be a great equalizer and help me shift from my head to my heart when I am anxious, afraid, or frustrated.

Why work with me?

I am thoroughly committed to my clients!

I will not give up on you as long as you do not give up on yourself and our work together.

My clients say that my superpower is making complex concepts easy to understand and seeing them as a whole.

This work – especially helping driven women with diabetes love themselves as the luminous beings they are – is a vibrant part of my life’s mission.

But this is not about me. Yes, I will be your partner in this, but it’s about you and the life you will have after you complete this program (if you do the work).

Just imagine being able to enjoy a new understanding, have access to personalized practices to support your mental well-being, and live with an empowered sense of self-care – all things that can support better blood glucose values.

You’ll become a better advocate for your personal care and be able to ask clear questions and engage more effectively with your medical care team.

Here’s what your new relationship with diabetes may look like for you (circumstances vary) at the end of the program:

You have a game plan and tools for the times when the train goes off the rails and swings in blood glucose occur – because we know they do!

You sleep more soundly because you have greater peace of mind.

You spend more time in your optimal blood glucose range and that offers mental clarity and a sense of lightness in spirit.

You have time in your daily schedule to manage set changes and replenishing glucometer test supplies - doing these things no longer throws you off balance.

You have good questions for your medical team and it’s a fruitful discussion. You feel seen and heard.

When you do experience high blood glucose, you approach the circumstance with curiosity and have clear steps to follow to make sure you get the correction bolus and return to your ideal range faster than you did before.

You feel better in your body and your skin is brighter.

Let’s go over what’s included in the THRIVE with T1D 1-on-1 offer:

E-book “The 5 elements as a framework to transcend stress” by Dr. Dawn ($19 value)

75-min one-on-one holistic therapeutic assessment with Dr. Dawn. ($200 value)

Daily journal to keep track of your wellness goals, daily blood glucose patterns, food, emotion, and energetic states for a holistic perspective ($15 value)

Five 40-min one-on-one therapeutic sessions with Dr. Dawn (one per week) ($500 value)

Highly personalized treatment plan from one-on-one sessions to implement right away ($250 value)

Up to 25-min support between our one-on-one sessions ($100 value) via text or audio app.

Customized aromatherapy formulations based on one-on-one sessions (#4) with instructions for best use (varies, up to $150 value)

Total value of the components = $1,381

These values are based on my current offerings or best-faith estimates for those features not available otherwise. They don’t really reflect the real value of living a beautiful, vibrant life with TD1, which would probably be worth 100X more, but it’s a fair and modest estimate for the study, love, time, attention, and lived experience I’ve invested to create and deliver a program that works.

And even though there are only 2 spots available every 2 months, I’d like to make this accessible so, for a limited time, you can secure your spot and start working with me this month for just $995.

“I didn’t quite know what to expect from a yoga therapy session and didn’t want to have expectations- but I was open to it being as powerful and transforming as possible. I did have hopes of resolving some IT band pain that seemed to be lingering longer than it should’ve. I was amazed (and a bit sceptical) that over the next couple of days, the pain was almost completely gone! Dawn’s knowledge & intuitive use of different tools were exactly what I needed.

The next session was just as incredible and continued to move things in a powerful way. With just two sessions, I had some pain issues that were no longer an issue, and I had some emotional and mental fog that was also cleared up. What I love about the sessions is they are so holistic and it made such a difference having someone hold space and offer different ways to move energy. It was such a beautiful experience. I will definitely be adding yoga therapy to my regular toolbox of healing modalities.

– F.G

“Dawn’s approach is truly holistic. She helped heal me in ways that no one else was able to and offered me ways to continue that healing on my own.”


Can you find something similar out there? Well, there are group coaching programs out there..

The Thrive with Type 1 Diabetes 1-on-1 Transformation Program is unique in a few different ways.

It’s the only 6-week one-on-one program with personalized attention suited to your unique needs that integrates ecology, yoga, aromatherapy, and self-inquiry to improve your diabetes outcomes.

The only therapeutic program for T1D designed and led by Ph.D. Ecologist, science leader, and published author living with Type 1 diabetes for 36 years conversant in published research.

It’s very exclusive – only 2 spots available (per 6-week cycle) that provide the personalized attention that T1D management can require. You receive personal attention to co-create your customized practices. I simply cannot work with more than 2 people per month because I want to offer my full attention and support.

Our therapeutic relationship is the foundation and is rooted in the HōlSōl Philosophy that upholds: we are not different from Nature, we incorporate ecological concepts of interconnectedness, the vast philosophy and practice that is Yoga, and the growing science of Aromatherapy. These elements are used creatively to help you improve your diabetes outcomes.

Thrive with T1D 1-on-1 is NOT a group coaching program where you’re assigned hours of pre-recorded videos to watch. Our work is suited for your needs and grows as you grow in relationship with T1D.

I can feel you are pondering on this and probably wondering if this is for you, so let me help you bring some clarity.

The Thrive with Type 1 Diabetes 1-on-1 Program is going to have a massive impact on your life if:

You are open to learning new things and ways of being.

You’re able to monitor your diabetes patterns and mental state to discern your patterns.

You are willing to invest the time to document your patterns, explore the practices we design together, and reflect on your progress with compassion.

You are the kind of person who loves learning and wants to improve your diabetes outcomes.

You play an active role in your diabetes care (with a medical team).

And it’s probably NOT going to be perfect for you if:

You do not fully accept your T1D diagnosis.

You’re not ready to invest in your growth and development.

You do not recognize your role in your Type 1 diabetes outcomes.

You consider yourself a victim of diabetes.

You do not have a medical team for your diabetes care.

You are not willing to do the daily practices and track your progress with them.

You aren’t able to show up for our sessions on time and are not ready to be fully present for our weekly live sessions together.

You can choose to take a chance and try a different way of living with T1 Diabetes or simply choose not to invest in your diabetes care, which might mean:

You will continue the cycle of frustration, exhaustion, and overwhelm. These very feelings make it harder to find a place of balance and ease.

Your numbers do not improve. Feelings of defeat set in.

It will be more challenging to improve the quality of your relationships challenged by your stress with T1D.

You prolong stepping into your most vibrant life with T1D.

And that wouldn’t be the best-case scenario, right?

But let me make this even easier for you and offer more assurance.

A comfortable confidence guarantee:

Because of the exclusiveness of this program and the 1-on-1 work we do together, I offer a 15 min discovery call once you submit your application to assess our resonance before we begin. This program is a commitment for you and for me.

This is what I promise: You will see results if you commit to doing the work. If after your holistic 75-min assessment, you don’t feel greater ease or clarity with your diabetes care, I’ll refund your payment minus $250. Beyond that, no other refunds are possible.

Sound fair?

A Quick Recap for the curious ones who jumped to the end.

This 1-on-1 program is here to:

Help you redefine your relationship with Type 1 diabetes and live a vibrant, happy life

Give you greater freedom of choice in your Type 1 diabetes care so you can worry less about long-term complications.

Put you in the driver’s seat of your diabetes care and avoid or reduce blood glucose spikes

Build your confidence and support you to achieve better numbers with a personalized approach that lends science and ancient wisdom.

All in six weeks in which you will receive my support and attention and tools for a new, improved life!

Start to experience the biggest health transformation of your life!


What is your refund policy?

I want the best for both of us. For this reason, I provide an opportunity for both of us to assess if we’re a good fit for each other in a 15 min discovery call. I am confident you will see results if you commit to doing the work. This is an investment. To that end, I offer this risk guarantee: If after your initial holistic assessment, you don’t feel greater ease or clarity with your diabetes care, I’ll refund your payment minus $250.

Is this program for everyone living with diabetes?

It is not. It is designed specifically for those with Type 1 diabetes. Insulin dependence encapsulates specific circumstances and we address those challenges in our 1-on-1 work. If you live with Type 2 or Pre-diabetes, I am developing a program for you. You can sign up for more details here [BUTTON or LINK to WAITLIST page].

What are the practices?

We explore simple habits such as breathing practices, simple movements and mindfulness exercises that are easy to implement and have been shown to reduce the stress associated with diabetes.

How will our sessions be done?

All therapeutic sessions will be done via Zoom. We will have a 10-min orientation session before our first session to make the most of your setup (tech-wise and for practice) so we can improve our sessions and focus fully on you on day one!

I’m super busy. Will this work for me?

Life is full and especially now, no one needs more to do. You will need to invest two hours at the start of our program (to complete the intake form and join our 75 min session). From there, we create habits or practices for time per day you can invest in yourself. That said, you will get out of this experience what you put into it. Your daily investment depends on you. Expect to devote 30 mins per day to your self-care. We will meet every week for 40 mins. The educational videos are purposefully short, and include annotations so you can keep track of where you are and return to the information you want to revisit.

How can I access the program materials between sessions?

All materials are uploaded to a member’s only website. You will have access to our one-on-one session recordings on the member-only website for 3 months after the program concludes. They are also available for download.

Why is the program six weeks?

This program is designed to affect change and change takes time. We will work one-on-one to transform your relationship with diabetes and offer you the tools and opportunity to shift how you manage stress – which directly affects your diabetes. It takes time to grow in your relationship with diabetes (and together in our relationship). True change takes time. If you do the work, you will grow and learn right away

What if I miss one of our 1-on-1 sessions?

In our 15 min discovery session, we’ll decide if your schedule will accommodate my available session times. Once our session times are set and agreed upon, if there is a need to reschedule with at least 24 hours notice, I will accommodate an adjustment one time over the course of the program. Part of this highly personalized program is our joint commitment to each other and our schedules.

What if I need support in between sessions?

I will be working behind the scenes in between our sessions and am happy to text or respond to emails up to 25 mins in between sessions. This time is built in to support you fully. I walk beside you during the 6-week period to support your learning and transformation.

What about community?

Great question! I firmly believe that healing happens in community. Community with other empowered T1Ds will come as this program grows. For this work, you and I will create a community through partnership for this potent 6-week program. Trust is one of my core values. In the meantime, I can recommend great communities for you to plug into.

I practice yoga. Will this support me?

Our work together is highly personalized so that it DOES support you. The concepts such as the five elements, provide an intuitive universal framework for everyone. We don’t necessarily emphasize yoga poses in your daily practices, unless that is what you need. We work together for your best outcome.

I don’t practice yoga. Is this made for me?

Much of what is portrayed as yoga in the U.S. represents a sliver of what yoga actually is. If you can breathe, you can do yoga (see Bonus #2). This program is for you.

I have one final question for you.

What will your life look like a year from now if you DO NOT choose to join the Thrive with Type 1 Diabetes 1-on-1 Transformation Program?

Receive personal attention and discover personalized, effective solutions for your T1 diabetes mindset and patterns.

Because no one needs another 6 hours of recording videos to watch.

Valued at $1381 and offered at $995 (single payment).

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