Clear the Mental Chatter and Balance your Emotions in less than 90 minutes…

with the Yoga to Breathe Better workshop series. Feel more grounded, energetic, and enjoy better sleep – all by breathing better.

Dawn’s Pranayama workshops are like doing reiki on yourself. It’s very empowering.

– Laura, Yoga Practitioner

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You want more energy and less stress

You've tried many tools and still something is missing.

Your mind scurries around like a squirrel on caffeine, making focus a challenge or

you find yourself in a late-night waltz with insomnia.

Or maybe, like others I work with, it's the persistent feeling of disconnect – like you've misplaced a piece of yourself somewhere along the way.

Proper respiratory function is like the secret sauce to your overall well-being. 

Mental clarity, consistent energy, emotional wellness – they're all directly connected to the way you breathe. 

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Yoga to Breathe Better workshop series

Breathe your way to a more balanced, energetic, vibrant you.

Join me for a series of three 90-min experiences to:

  • breathe more fully by learning to expand all sections of your lungs
  • build mental clarity by enhancing your breath awareness
  • optimize breath control by practicing breathing techniques steeped in tradition

This is about using the breath as a vehicle for Prana to build a practice that supports you physically, emotionally, and mentally

Workshop Details

Dates: Three Saturdays
20 Apr 2024
18 May 2024
22 Jun 2024

Time: 2pm MT / 4pm ET / 8pm GMT

Workshops last 90 minutes


Dwell Yoga @ 424 N Main Street, Las Cruces  OR
From your living room!

Investment: $80

...using my hands to focus where I want the energy of my breath to go was a huge idea!

Dawn is my favorite teacher. I would come out of my hermit existence anytime for one of her classes. I love your anatomy lessons, please never stop. The upper lung breathing was the most enjoyable, I felt so many snap-crackle-pops. My biggest take-away was using my hands to focus where I want the energy of my breath to go was a huge idea! It made me be able to feel my lung expansion much more easily.

Katie, Hermit and Yoga Practitioner

In this series you can move toward…

Resting, Recharging and Energizing

The physiological benefits of Pranayama include restful, deep sleep and sustained energy throughout the day.

Discovering the Power of Your Breath

Balance your emotions with conscious breathing and increase awareness of how Prana flows in your body

A Clearer Mind And Better Focus

Improve mental clarity and concentration. With every inhale…awareness grows, and with every exhale..release worry and doubt.

Release Tension To Expand

Release muscle tension that constrains our ability to breath fully in all sections of our lungs

How does it work?

A serene woman practicing yoga from the Yoga to Breathe Better Series, enhancing her mental clarity.

In each workshop

We explore a section of the lungs, release tension with movements designed to remove stale air, and close with a deep relaxation

Flexibility for your learning

Join in person or via Zoom. Workshop recordings are availalbe for your to practice at your own pace for the series (through June 30). Timestamps will be available to guide your practice.

Over two months...

You can build your practice using traditional yogic techniques and potentially increase your breathe capacity to enjoy more energy, better sleep, and balance your emotions.

White woman facing right with shoulder-length brown hair smiling at the camera with palms together in front of her heart.

New to me? Hello! I'm Dawn

Certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), Ph.D., Ecologist, Founder of HolSol Wellness LLC

I'm a walking paradox. I have one foot firmly rooted in modern science as a (full-time) researcher studying plant life cycles and the other rooted in the study of ancient wisdom traditions in yoga.

My commitment to Pranayama runs deep – rooted in years of dedicated study, personal practice, and more than two years of close engagement with an authentic, living yoga tradition.

Rising at 3:15 am on Sunday mornings to study with my teachers and fellow students from around the world for 2 years was easy after I connected with myself in a deeper way.

As a senior research scientist living with a chronic illness, I regularly navigate high-stress conditions. My Pranayama practice is my secret weapon to regulate my emotions, adapt to circumstances and dance with life as it comes. 

It would be an honor to walk this path alongside you.

This series is for you if you are…

Seeking inner peace amidst chaos

You're craving harmony between your mind and body. I teach you how to find that balance through regulated breath control techniques.

On the yogic path

You may have completed some yoga training and are open to learning more. You're devoted to exploring its deeper dimensions and want to become acquainted with Pranayama via traditional yoga

Interested in traditional yoga

This series offers authentic teachings from the living Gitananda Ashtanga Yoga tradition that are accessible and accommodating for all (body types and levels).

Earth conscious

You're passionate about preserving the planet, and make conscious decisions to reduce your environmental impact (where possible). You understand the connection between healthy living and a healthy environment.

Have questions? I've got replies.

What is the Yoga to Breathe Better (YTBB) series?

Yoga to Breathe Better (YTBB) series is a 3-workshop series over two months. We explore Pranayama – the fourth limb of Ashtanga Yoga and build awareness of the three major sections of our lungs – lower, middle, and upper – to breathe more fully to enhance our well-being. You'll have access to the recording for the intervening three weeks to revisit and incorporate into your daily practice.

How does YTBB integrate traditional yoga practices?

The teachings – principles, movements, and breathing techniques – are the foundation of Pranayama practice in the living Rishiculture Ashtanga (Gitananda) Yoga tradition, an unbroken lineage that bridges Vedic and Tantric traditions from northern and southern India.

Why is YTBB three workshops and not one?

Learning is incremental. In this series, we focus on one of the three sections of the lungs (lower, middle, upper). Each workshop features postures and breath practices for that section along with complete breathing and relaxation. Students shared in my last several workshops that more time with each part would be helpful.

I invite you to revisit the practices between our sessions to offer time to embody and feel the difference for yourself in your own body. To help with this, you will have access to the month's recording for the weeks between our sessions to sustain your practice between workshops.

What if I cannot make all three workshops?

We believe in making yoga accessible to everyone, everywhere. Whether you prefer to join us in-person or online, we've got you covered. You will have access to workshop recordings for the course of the series (from 20 April to 30 June 2024) so you can sustain your practice between our meetings.

You'll enjoy the freedom to learn from wherever you feel most comfortable, promoting consistency in your practice and facilitating a deeper connection with yoga.

Can Pranayama help me manage my stress levels and emotions better?

Yes! I teach you how to use Pranayama techniques to help you manage and release stress effectively. There are ways through movement and conscious breathing. We explore both.

Awareness and mindfulness are a byproduct of concentrated effort on conscious breathing. Improving your lung or respiratory capacity is good for every single functional aspect of your life. More oxygen to your brain can clear brain fog, your cellular functions may increase in efficiency to provide more energy and that can help with promoting sound sleep.

Do I need any prior experience in yoga or Pranayama?

YTBB is for everyone, new to seasoned practitioners and yoga professionals. How? We learn (or review as the case may be) the essentials of healthy breathing. 

You’ll receive the cultural context for the concepts and practices we'll explore. Some experience/exposure to the concepts of yoga philosophy may be helpful, but are not required. Come with a sense of curiosity and adventure and be open to learning.

What specific Pranayama techniques will be taught in this series?

The four foundational Pranayamas from the Rishiculture Ashtanga Gitananda Tradition – Adham (diaphragmatic breathing), Madhyam (mid-chest breathing) and Adhyam Pranayama (clavicular or upper chest breathing). In our last session we'll weave all of them together.

How much time do I need to dedicate daily for the practices taught in the YTBB series?

Ideally, you'll cultivate a daily practice which can be done in 15 minutes some days and 90 minutes in others. The most important part of this is establishing a felt-sense or embodied sense of sectional breathing as a foundation. Swamaji Dr. Gitananda Giri calls Vibhaga Pranayama the “A, B, Cs of Pranayama.”

Will this program be suitable for all body types?

This program is suitable for all body types. In fact Gitananda Yoga may have been the original “accessible yoga” because there is a place for everyone to begin. Our expanding movements, the Hathenas are done from a seated position on the floor. 

The movements can be adapted to be done from a chair. This will be difficult to lead via Zoom if you are unable to sit on the floor. A 1:1 session may be a more suitable way to personalize the practice for you if you are unable to sit on the floor.

Do I need any special equipment or space for these exercises?

No. Extra padding on a yoga mat or your carpet, a blanket may make sitting on the floor more comfortable. One thing that IS required is a vessel of water to drink during our practice (~ 16 ounces). When you join the program, you receive an email with details for all you'll need.

Will there be any personalized guidance or support provided during the YTBB series?

This is a group program being offered in person and via Zoom and I will not be able to adjust or offer personal adjustments (especially via Zoom). If personalized support or guidance is something you want, EMAIL ME and I'll reply with an add-on or 1:1 option.

What is the cost of the Yoga to Breathe Better Series and what does it include?

Your investment is $80 for the three workshops (and access to the recordings over the course of the series from 4/20 through 6/30). The recordings will have time stamps (generated by AI) to help you revisit a section of the recording.

I smoke. Can I join this workshop?

In a word, No.

Without judgment, the better next step for your respiratory and energetic health would be to take steps to reduce and ultimately stop smoking.

For the record, I realize that stopping smoking can be incredibly difficult. Here are some recommendations from the Mayo Clinic.

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