It's nature AND nurture, not nature versus nurture.

I am a walking paradox. I have one foot rooted firmly in science and modern medicine (I have a Ph.D. in Natural Resource Studies, and rely on insulin to keep me alive).

The other is grounded in the ancient, timeless practices of yoga and aromatherapy. Add in equal measures of lifelong learner and curious soul-seeker, and you've pretty much got my number.

Hello there! I'm Dawn Browning.

# of years with Type 1 diabetes (and counting)

# of yoga certifications completed

# of open essential oil bottles in my home

# of ecology papers I've published (and counting)

# of years of post secondary education

When I was 16, I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (Surprise!). I have not always been at ease with this diagnosis, but after almost 35 years with it as my constant companion (and with no long-term complications), I have come to a place where I recognize that diabetes has been a gift.

My condition offers tremendous opportunities for growth, and the perfect example of the connections between mental and physical well-being. Another paradox?

Managing diabetes is a full-time job, and involves much more than food choices, the medical logistics of testing blood glucose several times a day, counting carbs, managing insulin injections or remembering to take oral medication: Taking care to support your emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being is equally important (and much more fun)!

The connection between western medicine and complementary therapies has been essential for my overall health, and has taken me from surviving to thriving. 

Which brings me to YOU. 

You may be wondering if you have to have diabetes to benefit from what I offer, and the short answer is no.

Diabetes is the lens through which I view health and wellness, but the knowledge and practices I have developed will benefit all who seek to grow, heal, learn, and thrive.

My work with clients mirrors my approach to supporting my own well-being, and is based on work with essential oils, and therapeutic yoga practices like breath, movement, meditative techniques, and self-inquiry.

I work with you to create a highly customized, integrated practice based on your highest priorities for health and well-being.

Each aspect is collaborative, effective, and repeatable, with the ultimate goal of assisting you to become your own greatest advocate on the journey towards the innate joy that is your birthright.

Ready to get started?

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Curious about how yoga therapy, essential oils, and personal growth can help you go from surviving to thriving?

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