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I am deeply passionate about exploring and living the practice of yoga, understanding what makes plants tick, and connecting with smart men and women who want to leave all things better than they found them. I grew up on the Gulf Coast of MS as the middle daughter of Wisconsinites. My southern accent usually emerges after a glass of red wine.


I am a researcher and I study things. By day, I study how plants interact with their environment and in turn, how they influence it. I’m a lifelong learner, problem-solver, and connector of dots and people. “Grit” could be my middle name. I dabbled in engineering before finding my love – ecology. My academic path spanned 14 years across  three Universities to culminate in my Ph.D. Complexity in nature fascinates me but also requires that I live my life via one principle: “Keep it simple sweetheart!”

 I  am a water sign (Aquarius) that loves my life in the desert of southwestern U.S. I thrive with Type 1 diabetes which remains my greatest teacher. One health goal guides all that I do: Live another 32 years free of complications of my disease. One thing I know to be true: Stress is the single most pervasive threat to optimal health . Yoga and essential oils – holistic approaches to well-being – are keys to my success. 

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HōlSōl and You

HōlSōl Wellness is both an approach to living a vibrant life and a community of supportive women who support and inspire each other to make change in their lives.  

I offer:

1) support and education with dōTERRA essential oils,

2) yoga classes and therapeutic yoga sessions for individuals and groups, and

3) custom hand-crafted prayer beads (or malas) as tools for meditation. 

Do you want to jump out of bed in the morning? What is it you want to create more of in your life? We start there. I am a yogini with an analytical mind, tenacious tendencies, and a willingness to listen, support, and explore holistic tools to support you in moving toward your goals. I offer options and guidance based on seven years of experience with dōTERRA essential oils, 19 years of experience practicing yoga, seven years teaching with nearly 1,000 hours of training and progress toward my Yoga Therapist Certification (at Kripalu) to uplift you to take hold of your health and create greater abundance in your life.

I am surrounded by a network of inspiring women. Community, support and education are foundations of HōlSōl . I am delighted to be creating this community as part of a larger inspiring one working with Jenny Ferry and Elena Brower as business partners, guides and mentors.


Are you curious? Is your heart saying “Sign me up!”? Message me now to schedule a consultation.  I offer one-on-one consultations by phone or zoom to explore whether or not we’re a perfect match.


 My team is small and growing – you get loving attention and the opportunity to get in on the “ground floor” of this movement to devise holistic solutions

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