Shed to Create in 2022 with the January New Moon in Capricorn

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Happy New Year!

There's so much to say and yet, style and silence are gold.

Economy of words is something I aspire to. My awareness of this concept has been elevated recently after watching The Center Will Not Hold” – a moving documentary that captured Joan Didion's life.

Joan Didion was a cunning observer and master of the English language. “Her voice shaped our lives.”

So here I am, the beginning of 2022, near the first new moon in Capricorn with so much to say, and yet wanting to make every word, every character count. Will I deliver? I can only try.

Things are in motion everywhere.

Can you find stillness amongst the motion?

Can you settle with what is of the highest value and true for you in any given moment?

I was unable to take a holiday in between Christmas and New Year's and I'm taking it now this first week of the year. I still settle into being still. Even while there's movement around me – all of the emails and posts and circles and meetings and offers that typically appear at the first of the month have metastasized around the New Year. 

My practice – and recommendation (if it resonates with you) – is to turn away from the onslaught of marketing.

Sit near a window or step outside and gaze at the sky. Sit quietly and hum as you exhale for 5 breaths.

Can you envision what you will have created this coming year, in your life, your health, and your days?

Perhaps write a letter to your future self to be read on 12/22/22, the Winter Solstice. 

Let your imagination roam free, linger above the logistics and “how tos.” Daydream.

I’ve done this a few times and admittedly, at first it was difficult to break from the “point A to point B” mentality that governs my logical, rational and calculating mind.

(Note: As a research scientist, my mind serves me and society well.)

I’m building my creativity muscles. Writing and painting have been gorgeous outlets for me the last 6 months. I want to amplify the beauty I create – in all forms.

How do you value creativity? What is your process for expanding its presence in your life?

I feel more open and at ease after creating – whether it’s writing or painting. To gaze upon a watercolor painting and turn it in all directions to see something different brings me great joy.



Create Decorative abstract watercolor painting oriented vertically.
Create Decorative abstract watercolor painting oriented horizontally.

If you invest in your creativity, what does it look like? How does it make you feel?

One intention for this new lunar cycle and 2022 (because Capricorn is in the 11th house of my birth chart) is to create space. Space to trust more and create more. 

Clearing all the things and activities that do not contribute to or support my creativity, my learning, and my growth. There's no finish line. It's a process and moving forward is my goal. At this time, I am clearing the path.

What about you? Have you set an intention for yourself? If not, that’s fine. If you have, do you want to write it here? I will hold it with you.

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