How to get rid of a sore throat 7 natural remedies

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As seasons shift and winter approaches, we can require extra care. In this article, you’ll find seven natural and cost-effective ways to ease congestion and soothe your throat – all are simple, won’t break the bank, and can ease discomfort. 

One reason you may suffer from sore throat and congestion at the change of season between fall and winter is increasing dryness or less water in the air – and this is especially true as we use heating systems in our home.

Here are 7 ways you can alleviate congestion and soothe your throat using natural and inexpensive tools.

Check out my sore throat remedies below:

  1. Start your day with a mug of warm water with juice of a lemon or lime wedge. This signals your digestive system, “It’s time to wake up.” And helps to hydrate the body tissues.
  2. Gargle with salt water to soothe a sore throat.
  3. Honey is a great natural remedy for soothing sore throat and alleviating your response to allergens. The best option is a local honey that has not been heat-treated (otherwise known as “raw honey’). Check your local grocery or farmer’s market for local honey and know that any will work in a pinch.
  4. Add a humidifier to your bedroom. This is probably where you can see the biggest improvement because this can support you for hours while you sleep and improve the quality of your sleep by making it easier to breathe for those 8 hours.
  5. Plant-based remedies – Herbs
    • Ginger root, fennel seeds, licorice root are all fantastic options to steep in boiling water to make a tea.
  6. Plant-based remedies – Essential oils*
    • Essential oils are extracts from plant materials such as the herbs mentioned above and are highly concentrated essences extracted via steam-distillation. For general use, aromatic applications – or smelling the aromas – are the safest and easiest to use.
    • Menthol is a natural expectorant that helps clear the airways and soothe a sore throat. Plants in the mint family (Lamiaceae) are especially high in menthol content. Peppermint (Mentha piperita) is an effective natural expectorant that can help ease congestion and alleviate sore throats.
    • *Quality and potency vary wildly from brand to brand. The uses (and recipes) I offer here apply only to dōTERRA essential oils for their consistency to deliver top quality and purity.
  7. Wear a scarf to protect your neck from the cold, dry air. Cold and wind can irritate and chafe your skin and irritate your esophagus. Rest your voice, add warm water with honey or herbal teas recommended above.

Each of these natural solutions can support respiratory health, enhance your ability to breathe (easier), and support your immune system to prevent (or treat) symptoms of the common cold.

Pick ONE from this list and try it for a few days. Notice if it makes a difference. Come back and let me know by commenting below.

And if you have a great practice that is not listed, would you comment and leave it below?

My hope is to be a resource to support our growth and healing in simple ways and with natural remedies.

If you have a recurring condition, do not hesitate to see medical care. Consult trusted online resources for information.

Cleveland Clinic is one I recommend for information and recommended treatment options when your at home solutions may not suffice.

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