Patchouli to ground, soothe and support

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Winter is a season for turning in, for slowing down, for enriching and nourishing the soil and for deep sleep. We are on the other side of the Winter Solstice so the days are already getting longer, although I still feel the call of Winter even though I reside in the sunny arid environs of southern New Mexico.

UPDATE (1/15/2022): We approach the full moon in Cancer (Jan 17, 2022), I am reflecting on the intentions I set on the  new moon at the start of the year and identify what is working and what is not. At this time – the full moon specifically – it is easier to discern patterns in the proverbial darkness. 

I also explore practices and tools to ground and center me. Of these, one essential oil comes to mind that is perfect for winter and grounding into our physical bodies – Patchouli.

I recall  last year (the first new moon of 2021) when the aromatic inspiration struck me during a discussion of celestial occurrences with Sangeeta Laura Biagi of SoulSound Academy.

As she used exquisite metaphors to describe the transition from a period in which linear structural principles pervade to one of greater innovation and fluidity, the essence of patchouli essential oil immediately came to mind.


The patchouli oil that doTERRA sources from the sub-shrub (Pogostemon cablin) in Indonesia is both grounding and elevating. As I smell it, I think of nutrient-rich soil encasing healthy root extensive root systems of a vibrant mature tree. I instinctively turn to this oil every winter.

Patchouli supports going inward and offers presence through solitude and awareness of the body. Synapses in my brain continued to fire and right after patchouli, came lime and ylang ylang – both oils lift and elevate our spirits out of the heaviness that can accompany prolonged solitude. The blend is divine.

Lime oil (Citrus aurantifolia) by dōTERRA is distilled from the rind of fruit from trees in Brazil and is said to represent zest for life and ignites the heart of the brave warrior to follow your desires and bring more love to the world.1

Ylang ylang is distilled from flowers of Cananga odorata trees in Madagascar and its high floral notes invoke a sense of mystery and wonder and excites sensuality.1 The blend of these three is utterly delightful. I used a ratio of 5:3:2.

Ways to use Patchouli:

  1. Add a drop to two to your facial lotion daily to promote a glowing, even skin tone.
  2. Diffuse the blend of Patchouli, Lime, and Ylang ylang to ground and uplift.
  3. Apply one drop of the blend to your fingers and then to the ridges of your nostrils prior to meditation.


  • I delight in the silence of my own being to awaken a sense of romance and wonder in the world


1 Barralet, A. and V. J. Bascarello Ovens. 2019. Gifts of the Essential Oils, Alchemy House Publishing.7th edition. Essential Emotions, 245 pp.

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