You've arrived. I am so glad you are here. In this, my inaugural blog post, I share a bit about me and forthcoming installments will focus on my journey. I created this space to express and share my ideas that come from study and experience on the topics of meditation, yoga as a state of being, self-care, and essential oils and rituals designed to create a vibrant life.

First and foremost, I am a student – of life, yoga, and ecology. I am a scientist, ecologist, teacher, lifelong learner and creator living with Type 1 diabetes. I deeply love my curious intelligent husband, our charming canine son, deep belly laughs, trees and being among them, big sky and brilliant New Mexico sunsets, elegant food that delights my senses, deep conversations about things that matter, thought-provoking people and ideas, meditating with my hands, and the healing power of essential oils.

I created HolSol Wellness as a movement that serves and uplifts you to take hold of your health and create greater abundance in your life. At HolSol Wellness we use doTERRA essential oils and products along with yoga practices to nourish and optimize the body, mind, and spirit. Community, support and education are foundations of HolSol. I am delighted to be creating this community as part of a larger inspiring one working with Jenny Ferry and Elena Brower as business partners, guides and mentors. How may we serve you? If you would like to explore being part of our HolSol doTERRA family or inquire about yoga offerings, reach out.

What do you seek to cultivate more of in your life? Greater joy and ease? Or do you seek time or financial freedom? There is no wrong answer; the answer is uniquely yours. We can co-create rituals or practices to meet your needs. In fact, collaborating with and empowering women to amplify radiance from within lights me up. If you are curious about HolSol offerings, I would love to connect with you to explore whether or not we are a perfect match.

If you are devoted to learning and healing and this post resonated, join the my email circle to stay in touch below. 


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