HōlSōl : What’s in a name?

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Diabetes, Essential oils, Holistic solutions, Natural health, Yoga, Yoga therapy | 0 comments

Have you experienced a deep sense of connectedness between breath, emotions, body, and your mind? If not, let us explore it together. My most stunning memory of this peaceful inner wave is rooted in Italy on a trip with my beloved and I have since enjoyed such experiences during periods of study at Kripalu. I want everyone to embody this feeling of balance, ease, and alignment. I do not take my health for granted and choose an integrated big picture – i.e., holistic – approach to achieve optimal health.

I have yet to meet a woman whose life is not full. We are change-makers and caretakers. Self-care is health care…but what this entails and how it looks is unique for each person, or at least it should be. Through years of study and practice, I have devised holistic solutions to meet my needs – primarily to mitigate stress and its effect on my ability to manage Type 1 diabetes. I have created balance and harmony in my life using therapeutic yoga, essential oils, and connection with like-minded women and nature. Connection is paramount.

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