Do less to win over COVID-19

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Indecision is the thief of joy.

There, I said it. Now, can I get on with my self-quarantined days and slow down or stop to mental cogs from turning constantly about how best to formulate my next move, spend my next day or even hour at work. The last month has been beyond difficult. We are amidst a forced PAUSE. Many of us welcome it, others resent it, and others still defy it (with disregard for the well-being other others, I might add).

I wasn't sure how to write this post. More importantly, what do people NEED? How can I help ease suffering or allow another to know they are not alone and I understand the state they are in? I see and hear from others who are DISTRAUGHT by the perceived need to invest in options for personal development, online fitness classes, cleanses, mindset challenges, and other offerings (free and paid).

Here's the thing. Those offering services or products (at least in my orbit) are doing their best to serve others; they are not opportunistic or self-serving. It is up to US to establish boundaries around how and where invest our energy. As a LEARNER and a lifelong student, I see and understand the seemingly innate drive to improve or learn a new skill.

But now is the time to DO LESS, take a deep breath and notice what you FEEL when you read the enticing offer. Your body will not lie. Does the rate of your breathing accelerate, do you feel tension in your body as you think about the potential of this new endeavor? Or do you feel ease and grace when you think about the space in your calendar you would leave open for saying “Not now?”

We're in a time when taking care of YOU has never been more important…ever. Stress, poor quality or lack of sleep, and sedentary lifestyle decrease your body's innate capacity to protect you from illness. Support your immune system by doing less, loving yourself with one or two simple practices you can implement daily. Spend time outside each day, take a walk and drink plenty of water. I am with you on the desire for comfort foods. I will only add, do yourself a favor and eat as many colorful whole foods (i.e., veggies) that you can buy.

I hope we emerge from this with a greater sense of connection to ourselves and each other, a better understanding of what is TRULY important in life, and an appreciation for all the mission-critical work that first responders, medical professionals, grocery clerks, janitorial staff and service providers who are taking care of us. In the meantime, I spend half an hour a day breathing slowly and deeply in meditation with my beloved community across the world holding the vision for our collective power of peace fueling our win over COVID-19.

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