Poetry as a balm

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Poetry is a balm that soothes and emboldens the senses.
Poetry transmutes the physical plane of existence with a few short lines.
Poetry reminds you that you are not alone. In writing, the poet substantiates blissful and agonizing states of human existence.
The same lines of a poem can be interpreted in myriad unique ways – all valid and evoking.
A good poem is a gift that keeps on giving.
Reading poems nightly on social media during COVID19 quarantine has been a balm.
It has soothed my mind, my spirit, and my heart.
The readings have resonated with others too…with no surprise.
The surprise is the how elated I am by the exchange about an interpretation of a line by someone I went to high school with and have not seen in decades.
Others are surprised by how moving the nightly poetry readings are.
And they tune in
And I continue to read.
Reading poetry at least once during the day is a new and welcome ritual. The candidate for that night's reading I share a different poem with my husband after our candlelit dinner each evening.
The act of reading poetry is infinitely soothing, nurturing, enriching.
I shall continue.
Will you join me?

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