DIY tips for clean clear skin & hair

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Right now, while under “stay at home” orders, I am all about simplifying my life, getting rid of the junk and boosting my self-sufficiency. Are you with me? Here I share two easy, simple recipes to keep your skin and hair clean and clear (or at least less greasy).
You'll see doTERRA essential oils featured in these recipes and I want to say a few things about that. Purity and stewardship of our finite natural resources are my top priorities when it comes to voting with my dollars. The potency, purity and consistency of doTERRA oils and the integrity with which they operate are WHY I proudly partner with doTERRA. If you want to welcome these oils into your home and/or partner with me to help others do the same, let's talk. I do not recommend using essential oils you get at Target or gas stations. Just don't. If you have other quality oils at home, you may use them as suggested.
Let me know which recipe you found most effective and made you giddy.
One of easiest things you can do to keep your skin clean and clear is to regularly clean your makeup brushes! This easy clean (i.e., no hormone-disrupting or otherwise harmful chemicals) recipe is a way to do just that! I recently did an Instagram live to share this technique. It was great fun AND I giggled like a schoolgirl the next morning to see my brushes clean and dry.

Makeup brush cleaner

In a 8 oz mason jar, add
1/3 to 1/2 c. water
a squirt of castille soap
5 drops Melaleuca essential oil
Dab the brushes into this mixture. Agitate gently, but try not to submerge the base of the bristles underwater; bristles could come lose.
Rinse the brush under clean water.
Tap to release excess water and leave overnight to dry.

Dry shampoo

I LOVE avoiding the aerosol spray dry shampoos laden with chemicals, and a girl like me (with thin hair and oily scalp) *needs* dry shampoo. Choose the formulations that's right for you (based on light or dark hair) then add essential oils.
To a 4 oz mason jar, add
for light hair
1/4 c. arrowroot powder
for dark hair
2 Tbsp arrowroot powder
2 Tbsp cocoa powder (NOT hot cocoa mix that includes sugar)
essential oils:
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Rosemary (or Frankincense)
2 drops Peppermint essential oil.
Close jar and shake to mix the oils thoroughly with the powder.
To use, I tap some of the mixture into the cap and then dab a makeup brush in and apply to my roots. I generally don't put the brush directly into the jar for hygeinic reasons.
Note: These recipes came from different sources and I modified them to suit my preferences. Let me know which one you loved more!

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