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Have you ever wanted to master the easiest, fastest, and most effective way to shift your mood and create ambiance in your home without having to worry about harmful chemicals? Welcome pure plant essences in the form of essential oils.

Diffusing essential oils is a great way to do this; you can create ambiance in different rooms in your home. We use doTERRA essential oils in our home and diffuse them for a few hours at a time throughout the day. It's easy to do, there are more recipes and blends online than ever before, and the effect is real.

doTERRA has an incredible promotion with diffuser bundles this month (March 2021) featuring the LaLuz diffuser and the Dawn humidifier (GREAT in arid environments). When you purchase either, you receive two deeply discounted essential oils as well.

The LaLuz diffuser comes with wild orange and peppermint, which is my go-to combo in our kitchen to greet my morning with an uplifting and bright aroma. Sometimes I add Frankincense or Green Mandarin, but these two are a GOLD combo.








The Dawn humidifier has changed how I sleep. I live in the high desert of New Mexico, so a humidifier with which you can use essential oils eases life here so much. No more waking with dry nostrils and the plants in my office thriving! Breathe and OnGuard come in this great combo. I like to combine Breathe and Lavender in my humidifier before bed and the aroma takes me back to my 7 yo self in bed while my mama gently stroked my forehead as I fell asleep.

Are you interested in these deals? If you have a doTERRA account, simply log in to purchase. If you're ready to embark on this learning journey with doTERRA and want to plug into a thriving caring community, I would be honored to serve you. Just reach out here.

I proudly align with doTERRA's mission and vision to offer essential oils precisely as nature made them and educate others on their uses to inspire living with greater ease and health.

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