How to finish strong – Let’s not rush into Spring

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Full moon in Virgo image by Robert Wu

Are you a pro or the Queen of starting things (books, projects, etc.) only to later feel the burden of things unfinished? This post is not about the psychology of choosing and managing energy. Rather, I open with this metaphor as we approach the end of the Zodiac Year which begins at the Spring Equinox. I share my reflections inspired by moon circle gatherings with my dear friend and colleague Dr. Sangeeta Laura Biagi. At the time of writing, the New Moon in Pisces (Mar 13) approaches and following the next week is the Spring Equinox (Mar 20).

This coming week is the time to rest, replenish, restore and nourish. Go inside, get quiet, nourish your skin, your body with whole foods such as root vegetables, and soups. Turn down the lights at night and spend time bathed in candlelight. Take a hot bath and slow down.

Thank Winter for her darkness; by simply existing She showcases light.

Birdsong has commenced and temperatures are rising in southern New Mexico. Spring is on the horizon; some say, “Spring has sprung.” Enjoy the birds and the signs you see; engage with Mother Nature indeed, but don’t rush into Spring. Savor what remains of Winter. Offer what you can now…especially this week as we approach the New Moon in Pisces…to going deep.

Consider: What nourishes me…my soul, my body, mind? What flavor, aroma, company, activity offers sustenance? When and where do I feel replenished afterward? Spend 5-10 minutes just allowing your mind to ponder these questions…maybe before sleeping and let your subconscious mind offer insights. When the answers come, devote time to THAT this week.

For me, nourishing looks like

  • preparing simple, nourishing dishes such as mung,
  • waking early and sitting by candlelight to start my day slowly,
  • taking a walk to bask in the sun and noticing how the plants are slowly waking from slumber,
  • soaking in our hot tub (or taking a hot bath), and
  • finding time to simply BE without a task or objective underway.

My most nourishing aromatic anchor right now is Sandalwood (Santalum album) essential oil. The oil comes from the heartwood of the tree.* The aroma is earthy and feminine; the oil is also highly viscous. The time it takes one thick drop to emerge from the inverted bottle prompts patience and a deep breath. Sandalwood is everything for me right now.

How do I use it? I apply one drop to one inner wrist and hold my wrists together for three deep breaths and I welcome the state shift that always comes. I am rooted in my being and in my knowing. Find a ritual that offers this. If you want to explore this together, reach out.

This week, clear one activity from your calendar and talk a walk or invest in any of the suggestions above. The important thing is to nurture Self…and that has infinite unique expressions.

* On the topic of sustainability, dōTERRA is partnered with distillers in Hawaii to produce a high-quality Sandalwood essential oil using Santalum paniculatum to alleviate pressures on the demand for the precious resource of Indian Sandalwood. For more on this effort, watch this video.


  1. Dhivya

    Thank you Dawn. Great advice and beautiful outpouring of your soul. “Thank Winter for her darkness; by simply existing She showcases light.” –love this.

    • Dawn Browning

      Thank you Dhivya for reading and sharing. Your loving support is true yoga.

  2. Andrea

    I am a FINISHER! And this is beautiful.

    • Dawn Browning

      You are indeed Andrea. Thank you for reading and your awesome declaration!

    • Nicole Kaplan

      This is great advice and sits in parallel with a sort of spring out of the isolations of the year of COVID. I’m in such a rush to travel and do, but I think as we transform into a new season and a new reality, patience and reflection will ground me.


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