Tangerine oil to spark creativity and curiosity

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Tangerine – Oil of Creativity, Curiosity, and Wonder

I trust my instincts and yearnings for essential oils; this practice imbues a sense of curiosity, wonder, and adventure. How fitting that I am called to Tangerine oil, which inspires these qualities. Usually, I am called to floral oils in spring and citrus oils in the summer. The call of Tangerine has been loud and clear for a week now, so I heed the call to share a few details here with you.

Tangerine (Citrus reticulata) essential oil is cold-pressed from the rind and is sweeter than orange or lemon essential oils. From an emotional perspective, Tangerine is known as the Oil of Creativity, Curiosity, and Wonder.1,2 For me, it sparks JOY and a sense of levity. When I let go of worries and concerns for matters that are beyond my control, the gate of creativity, innovation, fun and adventure opens. It is up to me to walk through the gate, but Tangerine extends the invitation to joy, discovery, and play.2

Ways to use

Diffusing Tangerine is my favorite way to use it to elevate mood and spark a sense of discovery. It is delightful when combined with either cedarwood, spikenard, or patchouli. I will add that a friend introduced me to the idea of adding 1-2 drops of Tangerine to a glass of Prosecco and it is spectacular (and a low-carb version of a mimosa).

Journal prompts after inhaling a few deep breaths from a bottle of Tangerine essential oil:

    1. Where can I invite joy or curiosity in my life? Can I be open to new ideas?
    2. Is there something I can release to make joy and play feel more welcome?
    3. What is one way (large or small) I can welcome more adventure into my life?

I am proudly aligned with doTERRA’s mission for bringing the purest essential oils to the market via sustainable and ethical farming and cultivation practices. I welcome curious, compassionate seekers who want to invest in themselves to improve their health and livelihood. If this is you, contact me.

Experiment with any of these practices and let me know what you learned. We grow together in community.

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1 _. 2019. Emotions and Essential Oils, 7th edition. Essential Emotions, 167 pp.

2 Barralet, A. and V.J. Boscarello Ovens. 2019. Gifts of the Essential Oils. Alchemy House Publishing, 243 pp.

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