The root of passion

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(image by: Hands off my tags! Michael Gaida from Pixabay)

Passion (n):

a state of strong or barely controllable emotion. The ultimate origin of the word is from the Latin word (ecclesiastical use in late Roman period) pati meaning ‘suffer.’

The concept of unyielding enthusiasm, or passion, has come up in multiple unrelated situations since the last full moon (March 28). My felt experience rooted in the natural world is akin to the brilliant combination of being rooted (i.e., firmly grounded) and flowering – overcoming any obstacles of unfolding.

Trees and shallow-rooted annual grasses are flowering with the warming temperatures here in New Mexico. Morning birdsong is getting more melodious, and plants are waking up and showing off as if to say “Simply open and share your color with all who will see. Flaunt your beauty. Allow it to unfold.”

You are rooted and unfolding.

And using aroma to anchor a thought, feeling, or intention is a practice, no…a passion of mine. So, let me explore the aroma of the Passion blend by dōTERRA as I roll the oil on my upper lip to tease my olfactory nerves in the softest way as my fingers fly across the keyboard.

Passion is a mix of floral and spice. It conjures images of markets in Turkey or India filled with bountiful vibrant colors in textiles, in spices, in other wares with a cacophony of sounds as a hallmark to bustling commerce. Hmm…a lovely interlude and longing to travel again.




Today is the New Moon in Aries (4/11) and I am taking time to use lunar hallmarks as set points or established days for contemplating in broader perspectives…even though these questions are good to ponder at any time. Find what flows for you. Don't labor over this…maybe allow your mind to wonder as you take three deep breaths.

  • What are things that your heart drawn to?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • When was a time you felt light, open, vibrant?

Are there any aspects of that experience or circumstance that you can create in your day? For me, colors of brilliant flowers, sunshine, and trees. To create this for myself, I created a hanging altar to my Passion and Inner Leader with strands of gemstones I have in my collection. Every time I look at the strands of gemstones, I think of the flowers, the trees, the sun, and the sky. And I connect directly with those elements (earth, air, fire, and water) as I take my daily walks to enjoy the trees, fresh air, and sunshine. I think of the nourishing aspects of water as I give my plants their daily drink.

If *nothing* comes up, that is information too. Create space for the answers to emerge.

Above all, be kind.

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