Infuse Joy Into Your Writing Routine: Small Practices for Big Results

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Do you struggle with writing? Would you like to infuse joy into your writing process? If you said “Yes!,” you're in the right place.

Today, I choose to embrace my experience as a scientific writer, recognize it as an asset rather than a hindrance in my pursuit of creative freewriting and marketing copy. Good writing is cogent, clear, and paints a vibrant image for the reader. Writing well is always my aim or intention.

In this blog post, I want to delve into a few differences between scientific and creative writing in the hopes that the ideas allow you to invite joy into your writing process. Let's explore how embracing joy and transforming writing struggles can lead to a radiant flow of words on the page.

Perhaps two of the biggest differences between scientific and creative writing (in my experience) are that scientific writing: 1) requires strong economy of words and 2) imposes a flow and established format (e.g., introduction, methods, results, and discussion.

In creative writing (which in my mind includes marketing copy), there’s more openness and freedom. In my creative or copywriting, I trust that what wants to come through is what is best to share right now because I’m not a lover of the rule that everything must fit neatly into your pre-defined “content buckets.”

Writing as a Catalyst for Creativity

Writing is a magical process where each word supports and informs the next. It is through writing that new ideas are born, insights take shape, and stories come to life. The act of writing can be both a source of joy and a chore for me.

Mostly, writing ignites my passion and brings a profound sense of fulfillment. To coax the joyfulness to emerge, I incorporate small practices into my writing routine.

One of my practices involves using essential oils to serve as aromatic anchors for my writing ritual. Right now, I have an open bottle of Cistus (Cistus ladaniferus) essential oil on my desk, Its enchanting aroma swirls around me as I place my wrists on the desk, ready to let my fingers dance across the keyboard. Other times, I reach for Magnolia (Michella alba) or Spearmint (Mentha spicata). This simple ritual connects my senses, creating an atmosphere of inspiration and joy.

Embrace Joy and Flip the Perspective

Writing should not be a struggle. If you find yourself wrestling with the writing process, let's change that right now and “flip it” around. Instead of viewing writing as a challenge, why not consider it as a source of ease and joy? If you’re rolling your eyes, stick with me.

Imagine the excitement and satisfaction of *having written* and uncovered ideas you didn’t even realize occupied your subconscious mind!

If writing doesn't currently bring you joy, I encourage you to explore ways to delight yourself in and with your writing practice. But don’t quit. Create a space – start with 10 minutes to create or sustain a practice of writing freely, without judgment. It could be as simple as finding a cozy writing spot, surrounded by things that inspire you.

Or perhaps you can experiment with different techniques such as not allowing the pen to lift from the page for 10 minutes. No stopping or editing. Let your creativity guide you and allow the joy of writing to permeate every word you put on the page.

Radiate Joy in Your Writing Journey

To my fellow writers who have already discovered the joy in writing, what prompts joy in your creative process? Is it the exhilarating rush of ideas, the satisfaction of crafting the perfect sentence, or the sheer delight of logging the number of words written? We all want to know what brings you joy in your writing journey. We’re in this together.

Remember, writing is a limitless adventure, waiting to be explored. Embrace your unique perspective, let your words flow freely, and savor the joy that comes from self-expression. As you embark on this radiant path, may your writing practice be infused with boundless joy, leading to an outpouring of inspiration and creativity.


Writing can be a treasure trove of joy, waiting to be uncovered. Don’t make it painful. Find ways to embrace the discomfort when you experience it. By accepting our experiences and the challenges, we can transform our struggles into moments of inspiration. The path to joy in writing begins with small practices and shifts in mindset. Let the aroma of Cistus essential oil or the view from a window become catalysts for joyous creativity.

So, fellow writers, whether you're struggling with writing, remember that your stories are your own. No one else can write them. Create joy in the process and make it fun and easy. Embrace the journey, let your words flow. You got this.

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