How to let go and nurture self – the height of Spring

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Full moon in Virgo image by Robert Wu

The New Mexico sky is exploding in color with pink streaming through the windows to call me outside.

I followed the call and was amazing by how quickly the clouds moved across the sky.

Now all I can think is “Let that sh*t go.”

The messages I’ve received through multiple channels are two-fold:

  1. DO less, BE more, and
  2. What can you release? Don’t hesitate. Simply let that sh*t go.

The feeling of “letting go” has recently been visceral, as in “forced release.” I responded to a very short turnaround timeline for my input by a colleague that defied professional courtesy. I did the best I could in the time I had, and I LET IT GO.

What I now realize is that my colleague provided me an opportunity to grow.

The experience of not investing my typical high level of editing and scrutiny on papers I write was both uncomfortable and freeing.

Letting go also applies to systems, structures, and patterns in how I schedule, plan, and spend my time and energy.

That’s where the full moon this evening in Scorpio comes in. When you consider the structures in your life, ask yourself.

  • Are the structures serving you?
  • Can they be fine-tuned or replaced?
  • Is there a new way of being and doing that suits you better?

These are my contemplations following a lovely moon circle with my friend and teacher of all things astrological Sangeeta Laura Biagi. Her moon circles are potent and precious.

How do you LET GO? What does that look like? What is the process?

Letting go involves self-acceptance…as we are, not as we want to be.

Affirmation by Leslie Tagorda: I empower myself by letting go.

Let me know what YOU want to let go of and if you celebrated this Full Moon in Scorpio.


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  1. Sangeeta

    Wonderful sharing, Dawn. Thank you!

    • Dawn Browning

      Thank you for reading and commenting Sangeeta!


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